Founding TORq

Why healthcare needs TORq

Introduction of the standard API—FHIR—creates an opportunity to develop a scalable solution to tackle inefficiencies and inaccuracies in healthcare. The supply chain of implantable devices is of considerable interest, as it is currently responsible for generating $5 billion in annual waste for the U.S. market. SG&A in the healthcare segment is double that of other industries. TORq is focused on automating communication between hospital staff and sales representatives in order to significantly minimize this waste.

TORq Features

TORq Interface is a HIPAA-compliant platform connecting representatives with a hospital’s surgical planning network. No additional data will be shared with representatives, instead the necessary information will become seamlessly available in a controlled, real-time exchange.


Provides the start time, end time, OR room number and the up-to-the-minute status of each case.


Provides date of surgery, case number and scheduled run time for upcoming surgeries.


Allows visualization of required instruments/implants planned for use for each surgery.


Enables a rep to edit cards, contingent on staff approval, to maintain up-to-date preferences.


Automated real - time scheduling

Sales representatives need nonstop schedule updates. When reps visit hospitals for this information they often aim to sell new products as well. By automating schedule updates through TORq these schedule checks and sales opportunities, which disrupt office flow and precipitate the sales of products that have not yet gone through value analysis, will be limited.

Streamlined and controlled data share

Schedules are currently shared numerous times through unsecured emails, texts, phone calls, and so forth. Each transference puts the hospital at risk. By providing real-time, HIPAA-regulated schedule updates, TORq minimizes the potential for a HIPAA breach.

Inventory Visibility

Operating room materials are chosen based on preference cards. These cards often contain errors, which can result in wrong and/or excess products being pulled for a case. TORq enables reps to view and edit these cards--contingent on staff approval--prior to surgery. If anything is missing from the designated instrument list, the rep can identify the error before the case starts.

Billing Control

Device representatives occasionally bring products into the hospital that have not been approved. When such devices are used, the result is an extensive negotiation between hospitals and medical device companies. TORq forces reps to validate that all products have been approved for use in the hospital.



Surgical device reps typically cover surgeries at 3-5 different hospitals and thereby relocate several times a day. Moreover, they spend 20% of their time waiting on delayed or canceled surgeries. By providing real-time surgical schedules to a device rep’s mobile phone, reps will be easily kept abreast of schedule modifications.

Market Forecasting

Surgeries often require several hundred thousand dollars worth of product to be delivered to a hospital on short notice. Though this is inherent to surgery, TORq equips suppliers with real-time schedules so as to improve the already very short lead time.


Surgical device representatives are highly trained, so competitors and recruitment agencies go head to head for their talent. The turnover cost is estimated to be 100k-500k. TORq will increase a rep’s quality of life and thereby decrease rate of replacement.

Product Delivery

With greater lead time for surgeries, companies can reduce the need for overnight air shipment which reach up to 10X that of ground transportation of product.

About Us

Innovative minds working to better healthcare.


Joanna Geisinger

Founder and CEO

Joanna Geisinger worked in medical device sales for six years at Zimmer Biomet and Smith & Nephew. She managed the Zimmer biologic division for the North East region, where she developed an extensive network of sales reps, hospitals and surgeons. Joanna is leveraging these relationships as well as her industry knowledge to build a successful business and team.


Dr. Scott Sigman


Dr. Sigman is a board-certified orthopedic surgeon providing comprehensive care to patients at Orthopedic Surgical Associates of Lowell since 1996. In addition to his practice duties, Dr. Sigman is the Chief of Orthopedics at Lowell General Hospital, serves as the Team Physician for the US Ski Jump Team, and to all athletes at UMASS Lowell.


John D. Halamka


John D. Halamka, MD, MS, is Chief Information Officer of Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, Chairman of the New England Healthcare Exchange Network (NEHEN), Co-Chair of the HIT Standards Committee, a full Professor at Harvard Medical School, and a practicing Emergency Physician.


Mike Stone


Mike Stone is a software engineer and co-founder of The Gnar Company, a leading software development agency based in Boston. He is responsible for building and maintaining the TORq web platform and mobile applications.

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