Founding TORq

Why healthcare needs TORq

Currently, communicating the surgical schedule with med device vendors is a disjointed manual process. This is a waste of staff time and, despite all this effort, staff are still unable to provide sufficient information due to the dynamism of surgical schedules. Manual communication becomes especially inadequate when urgent cases, such as trauma, are added on after normal OR hours for the following day. The introduction of HL7 v.2, CCDA and FHIR has opened scalable opportunities for tackling these inefficiencies to alleviate unnecessary risk and expense in the implant supply chain.

TORq Features

TORq Interface is a HIPAA-compliant platform that connects medical device reps and hospitals during surgical planning. Reps are only allowed access to essential data in a controlled, real-time exchange with hospitals.


Provides hospitals a medium for relaying essential, real-time surgical info to vendors, including date, time, surgeon, procedure, side, and equipment notes.

Vendor Case Confirmation

Enables vendors to confirm case receipts with the press of a button so hospital staff is aware of coverage right away.

Loaner Instrument Visibility

Allows visualization into which loaner trays have been delivered to the hospital and what is still pending arrival.

Printed Loaner Tray Labels

Enables printed labels with accurate tray descriptions and up-to-date associated case information.



Schedules are currently shared through unsecured emails, texts, phone calls, and the like. Each transference puts the hospital at risk. By providing real-time, HIPAA-regulated schedule updates, TORq minimizes the potential for a HIPAA breach.


Hospital staff spends a lot of time drafting emails and taking phone calls to share surgical schedule changes. Considering the dynamic nature of the surgical schedule, this is highly time-consuming and interruptive to work flow. TORq eliminates all the emails and calls, offering a simple platform for collaboration.


Currently, reps struggle to get an accurate view of the surgical schedule and are acutely aware that they are often the last to know when changes are made. Vendors combat the risk of not having product available by over ordering for cases and sending in equipment "just in case" there is an add on. TORq eliminates this insecurity, and thus stops the impulse to ship in unnecessary trays which leads to overflowing central processing departments and unnecessary sterilization costs.


Before surgery, vendors are required to drop trays within a specified time frame to allow for sterilization. Reps are also required to pick up trays soon after surgery. TORq provides the surgical schedule as soon as possible to help the vendor adhere to guidelines. It also eliminates any ambiguity as to when the vendor received the case information making it easy to electronically track a company's compliance.

About Us

Innovative minds working to better healthcare.


Joanna Geisinger

Founder and CEO

Joanna Geisinger worked in medical device sales for six years at Zimmer Biomet and Smith & Nephew. She managed the Zimmer biologic division for the North East region, where she developed an extensive network of sales reps, hospitals and surgeons. Joanna is leveraging these relationships as well as her industry knowledge to build a successful business and team.


John D. Halamka


John D. Halamka, MD, MS, is the Chief Information Officer of Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, Chairman of the New England Healthcare Exchange Network (NEHEN), Co-Chair of the HIT Standards Committee, a full-time Professor at Harvard Medical School, and a practicing Emergency Physician.


Charles Offenbacher


Charles Offenbacher worked as a program manager on petabyte-scale data processing at Microsoft before starting his own successful company, Book Rocket, and serving as its CTO for several years. As CTO of TORq, Charles co-manages all platform software alongside Lead Engineer, Nick Pachulski.


Nick Pachulski

Lead Engineer

Nick Pachulski has experience working in the iterative, test-driven style owing to his employment with consultancies like Pivotal Labs and product companies like Autodesk.

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